Your daughter’s education – Open House this Thursday (sponsored)

I have three daughters. My oldest is in first grade. When I think about her education, I want her to love math and science and art and music. I want her to be a free thinker and a critical thinker, to take risks, be creative, think beyond herself and expand her boundaries, so that when she’s solving the problems of her time, her solutions and contributions are not bound by one place or one thing. She is limitless.

I want my daughter to benefit from technology, harness its power, and then walk away from it to go climb a tree. I want her to feel safe, guided, and supported as she discovers her individuality and develops into a young woman.

I want my daughter to know deep down in her gut that she can do anything, be anything, go anywhere.

Louise S. McGehee School is focused on understanding and educating the mind of the girl. The way she thinks, communicates, relates and learns is central to how the school’s curriculum and approach to education play out in the classroom, the community and beyond. This is a progressive approach to education.

This is The McGehee Advantage, and it is here for your daughter because she wants to soar.

If you want to know more about McGehee, read the school’s mission. It’s everything in a nutshell. If you want a picture of what they do everyday, visit their website. If you want to feel the spirit of McGehee, visit the campus. It’s contagious.

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Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.

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