Black Friday turns Blue with Tiffany & Co.

Oh, the little blue box. Every girl knows what comes in that little blue box. And no matter what it is, it is sure to be beautiful and perfect.

Thanks to a doting Uncle, each of my daughters received her first Tiffany Blue Box when she was born. Anson the Bunny Box, Catherine the Bunny Bank and Emmeline the Tiffany Comb–all cherished heirlooms.


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My first “push present” was the Return to Tiffany heart tag charm bracelet. I felt like the fanciest girl in town. There is just something so special about the weight and feel of Tiffany silver.

“Tiffany designs jewelry to celebrate all of life’s most special occasions, from the birth of a child, to graduations, weddings, or just because.” Diane Brown, Vice President of Tiffany & Co. – Mid-Atlantic market, U.S.

Tiffany & Co. opens its doors this Wednesday, November 27th, at The Shops at Canal Place. One of the most iconic jewelry brands on the plant chose our city because Tiffany, like New Orleans, is steeped in family, tradition, art and design.

With the official kick off of the holiday shopping season right around the corner, here are some of my favorites from the Tiffany Holiday Gift Guide. Some are practical and some are wishful.  All are beautiful and perfect.


1. As if the iPad weren’t pretty enough. Here’s a tablet cover that stakes out your territory. No sticky fingers allowed here.

2. This vintage style arrow pendant is simple but strong. Very Carrie Bradshaw.

3. A classic Tiffany infinity bracelet to wrap around your wrist. You’ll never look up.

4. A vintage modern knot key pendant–like a 1920’s family heirloom you discovered and decided to drape around your neck.

5. Only Tiffany can convince me that pink is a good idea for a ring.

6. Luce Drop Earrings are just pretty. And, of course, pink. You won’t be able to leave the room without a compliment.

7. A symbol of peace and abundance, this Olive Leaf Band Ring should bring you just that.

8.  A thin tea cup made of fine china really does make everything taste better.

9. Ever sipped scotch from a Double Old-fashioned Glass made of hand-cut crystal? Every man should have one to call his own.

10.  I love the vintage feel of these cuff links. I think Frank Sinatra had a pair. Or maybe Justin Timberlake. I don’t know.

11. A crystal football paperweight. Like diamonds, you can’t really go wrong.

Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.

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