What three words will define you in 2014?

Happy 2014! I’m excited to finally have a moment to myself to write to you. At the beginning of the holiday, I decided to let go of everything that distracts and spend the last weeks of 2013 completely present, not hassled or harried, and not half hidden behind a screen. It was the best holiday I’ve had in years.

I hope your holiday was wonderful, and that you are ready to take on 2014. I know I am. Here’s why:

Do you have a favorite newsletter that you actually read? Besides this one, of course. 😉 Well, I’ve been following Chris Brogan for a few years now. He is many things, but I consider him an expert in the fields of marketing, online content development strategies and community engagement–three things that really resonate with me as a blogger.

At the end of every year, Chris encourages us to come up with three words that will define and drive our business efforts for the coming year. In looking at the future of nolaParent and the direction I would like to go professionally, I came up with the three words that will guide all my business decisions for 2014: Plan, Partner, Produce.

PlanWithout a plan, it’s hard to know where to go and how to get there. A plan gives you permission to say “yes” to the things that support your goals and “no” to those that don’t. When I launched nolaParent five years ago, I didn’t expect to have three kids within that time, so my “plan” was one of survival: keep the family going, keep nolaParent moving forward, and try not to end up in a mental institution. This year I am going to strategically plan my content so that you know what to expect. For example, in January, I will focus content on organization, health, and wellness–all the things we like to think about as we welcome a new year.

Do you have any content ideas to contribute?

partnerAligning nolaParent with people and organizations that bring relevance and value to families is what I enjoy the most, whether it’s partnering with Louise S. McGehee School to raise awareness of the advantages of an all-girl education and inspire the next generation of female tech leaders, or Touro to address important issues and advancements in women and family healthcare, or Virginia Barkley, life coach and leading authority on clutter-busting for busy women, to promote this very special, free online Look & Feel Great for Moms Online Rejuvenation Event.

Maybe there is something that you and I can partner on together?

produceAs a writer, this is the most important goal. I want to produce lots of awesome content that informs and entertains you.

What three words will define you, your business or your parenting in 2014? I would love to know!



Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.

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