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Today (May 10) is Mother’s Day in Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala & Mexico. Our nanny is from El Salvador. As I was driving her and Emmeline to the Insectarium this morning, she touched me on my shoulder and whispered to me a happy Mother’s Day. My smile met her tears and I could hear her heart break. Her daughters are still in El Salvador. She recently moved to New Orleans and has never been away from her children. This Mother’s Day will be a first. I didn’t really know what to say. Just one mother feeling the pain and emptiness of another. Words weren’t really necessary. It did give me pause, however. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve complained about not having any time to myself or wanting to just get away. At times I have let the burdens of motherhood get the best of me and I have taken for granted that every morning I wake to the sound of my children’s voices and every night the last kiss I give falls on their sleepy, dreamy heads. So many of us know women who have left their homeland and families behind. They clean our houses and care for our children. This Mother’s Day, I honor those women and I thank them for loving my children as if they were their own.

And Happy Mother’s Day to each of you who inspire me every day to keep writing.

Here are a few things I hope inspire you.

The man behind the school.

Around the world on a Saturday!

A boy with muscular dystrophy goes on an imaginary adventure.

Children’s silhouettes.

She bears her scares with dignity because she got them standing for something she believes in.

Anyone else love a good margarita? and other deliciousness I miss.

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Hungry Planet: What the World Eats – in pictures.

Perfect pairings may lead to gluttony.

Technological advances… in beauty bases?

Earth as art. Definitely worth salvaging, don’t you think?

The best closet clutter step-by-step I’ve ever stumbled upon.

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Ashley Bond

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