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Welcome to summer! I don’t know about you but all my kids want to do is swim and have sleep overs. I’ve cozied up to all our friends with pools but this year I’m adding the Whitney Young Pool at 6500 Magazine St. (the one by Audubon Zoo) to our circuit. This pool is one of 16 operated by the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission (NORDC).

Don’t be scared. Public pools are good. A healthy public pool is an indicator of a community’s vitality. Also, they’re FREE and offer FREE swim lessons.

New Orleans has made significant progress in addressing the recreational needs of our community (thanks, Mitch!) and was recently recognized by Kaboom! as a “Playful City USA” honoree for the city’s investment in children through play.

I’ll be posting, pinning and instagramming all summer long to help you keep things real so be sure to visit. Also, if you have any great summer fun ideas or projects that you’d like to share with the parent community, I encourage you submit your shards of brilliance on nolaParent. Guest posts are welcome.

Here’s your weekly roundup. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week!

Students design 22 playful wooden toys for kids. Blockitecture is my fave.

Let’s face it, chopping off a chunk of hair with unattended scissors is a child’s right of passage. Here’s an alternative.

5 Classic Children’s Tales Reinvented for the iPad

Something about this feels so wrong.

#HotOrNot? The dark side of Instagram.

If you’re a chocolate lover, meet your naked soul mate.

A new dimension to your child’s summer nature walks.

10 Best Apps for Paranoid Parents

Bed. Couch. Whatever. Gorge, affordable, sustainable. Exactly what I want in a children’s line.

What Batman would look like with kids.

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