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We recently moved back Uptown from Lake Vista. We love our new neighborhood and the convenience it offers but we miss our old stomping grounds terribly. We miss the long, beautiful drive along Marconi, something that became a daily meditation for all of us. We miss the trees, the water, the nature. Walking NOMA’s Bestoff Sculpture Garden was a family pastime. Our girls climbed trees, built forts and swung on tire swings. Our neighbors were our family. Anson asks me on a daily basis if we can go back to our old house. It feels like salt on a wound. Moving, even if it’s only 9.8 miles away, is hard but it’s OK because we have each other. This weekend, we’re surprising the girls with a Saturday morning visit to Tastee Donuts on Harrison Ave and then to City Park’s Botanical Gardens to see all the beautiful blooms – just like the good ol’ days. I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with little surprises.

Here’s your dose of inspiration.

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Ashley Bond

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