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This weekend the Bond Family will spend time digging itself out of the pit of disease we’ve been trapped in since last Friday. While Anson and I were on our way to Houston for our girl’s weekend, my husband calls to report that the baby has been throwing up for hours. Of course, he was angry at me because I wasn’t going to be around to do all the work. I expressed my sympathy, hung up, and thanked my lucky stars. Then I returned Sunday night only to be handed a baby who had been, well, throwing up from the other direction… and would continue to do so for the next two days. Sweet justice gone terribly wrong. From that point on, we all fell like dominos. Thank goodness for grandparents and Doc-in-the-Box. I hope I’ll be good to go for Saturday’s Touch-A-Truck. I’m one of the JLNO members working the event. I hope to see you there.

Here are some interesting finds for your internet-browsing pleasure. If you have something cool that you would like me to include in our weekly roundup, please don’t hesitate to submit it!

Did you ear the news? New guidelines for diagnosing ear infections.

The morning routine doesn’t have to suck.

Hi there, nice to meet you new free school.

Parents get cooking.

Every student in every school should have this opportunity.

Why not build a state of the art nursery for all?

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The purest skin care for cradle cap to baby’s bum.

This annual event just keeps getting cooler.

Understand the landscape upon which we educate.

Rock on with your bad self… and your kids.

Anyone else freaked out about this?

Save the Date for Silhouettes.

Love or loathe? Fall 2013.

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