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Welcome back to the real world, parents. By now you’ve probably ironed out some of the back-to-school kinks and you’re settling into your normal school year routine: wake up, get dressed, put on workout clothes because you have every intention of working out today, force feed child(ren), guzzle coffee, make creative lunch out of nothing because you forgot to go to the grocery store (again), preempt/navigate pre-8am meltdown/temper tantrum, manage clothes/uniform/shoe crisis, write note to teacher apologizing for child being naked or shoeless, referee front/back seat politics, pray the carpool teachers are still there, smile/hug/kiss goodbye, catch breath, wipe sweat from brow, head to work/workout, realize they forgot lunch, debate whether or not to pretend you didn’t realize they forgot lunch, go home, get lunch, deliver lunch, go back to office/forfeit exercise (again), start day.


Now that school is back in session, so too are the nolaParent weekly Friday roundups (yay!). I know how you’ve missed them so. But first, a few housekeeping items:

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  3. Here is a very important message for all our dads and dudes. Please read, share, tweet, pin or repost it. Hint: it has to do with beer.

Without further adieu, here is your weekly roundup:

Dads, dudes, prostates and beer.

This Northshore mom will help you get your home lunch act together.

From New York to Brooklyn to Malibu to Dubai. What we can look forward to on the corner of Esplanade & N. Rampart.

Dr. Seuss goes digital.

Awesomely illustrated children’s books.

Dad’s tips for adding life to a daughter’s years.

How and why to create a family mission statement.

Bookshelf Porn: What’s wrong with this picture?

25 ways to talk so children will listen.

What our kids have to say about ‘love’.

One new awesome DIY use for… dad’s old t-shirt.

The most perfect, comfy weekend dress for your little big girl this Fall.

Digital fun for creative kids.

A family that reads together stays together.


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Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.

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