Totally awesome gifts you can find anywhere.

Sometimes the best gifts are right in front of us all year long. Here are some of my favorite gifts that I’ve received over the years that any gal would love. I also threw in a few things that even HE or THEY would love. Merry Merry!


1. A Big-ol-Bag of Coffee ($20). Yes, I do realize that every local coffee vendor in town is all…whhhaaaat? But Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is delicious, and you can buy a tub of it at our new COSTCO for about $20. My MIL gave this to me one Christmas and I enjoyed every last drop of it.

vanilla2. Melipone® Mexican Vanilla ($7). This vanilla is locally made and absolutely delicious. I add it to ice coffee, but their website offers delicious recipes that really do this vanilla justice. Wrap it in a pretty bow and tie a recipe to it. Voila! You can pick up a bottle at any PJs Coffee or buy it online.

williamsonomaspray3. Williams-Sonoma Essential Oils Countertop Spray, Pink Grapefruit ($10). A few years ago one of my very fancy girlfriends gave me a bottle of this. I absolutely LOVED this gift. It’s pretty, it’s pink, and it makes my kitchen smell divine. Every time I spray it, I think of her.


4. Melange D’Orleans Herb Citrus Candle ($20). I gave this to a hostess and then went back to Whole Foods the next day to pick one up for myself. We now randomly text each other whenever we light our mutually adored candles.




5. Hot Huez ($10). I know. But the girls looooove this. It ranks right up there with press on nails, both of which you can pick up at Walgreens.

chromecast6. Google Chromecast ($35). Now when your husband insists that you watch another Will Ferrell SNL outtake on YouTube, you don’t have to get up from the couch. He can just stream it using this handy little device. No more huddling over a laptop, phone or tablet. You can stream Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Pandora, Google Music, photos, videos, etc. You can grab one at Best Buy and Walmart.

rubixcube7. Rubix Cube ($10ish). I think all parents should unite and force our children to master the Rubix Cube. Imagine handing this over to your “bored” or “grumpy” or “spoiled” kid instead of your $400 iPhone. This is ageless and timeless. And I’m pretty sure you can pick one up at Walgreens.


8. Uno ($6). I played this endlessly as a kid–ranks right up there with W-A-R. It’s a long winter break and this is a great game to pass the time and possibly spend a little family time together. You can pick this up anywhere, like, oh, I don’t know, Walgreens? Target, Toys-R-Us, too.



Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.

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