post-tooth fairy business

As a follow up to all this Tooth Fairy Business, I wish to report that things did not go according to plan. I know this is shocking.


The tooth came out. It was very exciting. Family hug.


She wrote a note.

Then the jealous little sister stole the tooth and threw it into the grass. A meteor shower of tears ensued. Like a drill sergeant, I had everyone on their hands and knees combing through blades of grass, husband included. I made an inconsolable little three year old retrace her steps over and over and over again. I made up lies about tooth fairy magical powers of omnipotence… not my finest hour.

On the cusp of sunset, I found that damn tooth.


I put the girls to bed and ran to Walgreens to pick up some glitter to make Fairy Money (dollar + glue stick + glitter). P.S. Walgreens does not carry glitter. Workaround: glitter nail polish.

I picked out a card that a Tooth Fairy might send and grabbed a mini composition journal as a little gift thinking they could be pen pals. I put it all together and made the tooth-for-treasure exchange.


The Tooth Fairy stumbled over some crap on the floor and was soon confronted by a disoriented 6yo looking for answers.

Damn Tooth Fairy.

Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.

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