this is not your stage.

I hate that there is no explanation to help any of us understand the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary School… and even more so that there are no words to make us feel better.

I have found it increasingly difficult to watch so many take this opportunity to stand on their bully pulpits and preach their cause – whether you feel access to guns are the root of the problem, a broken mental health system, god no longer in the schools… To all of you I simply say – this is not your stage!

Twenty brave children and six heroic school officials attempting to protect those children had their lives taken. And what about the countless others who stood courageously by their students doing everything in their power to protect and keep them safe? They all deserve a higher level of respect. What the solution is to stop these type of horrific events from happening, I am not sure. But what I do know is that now is the time to put aside extreme beliefs and come together to ensure our laws are protecting all us and protecting America’s children.

In the meantime, all I can do is look at my sweet children, give them extra hugs and make sure everyday that they know just how truly loved they are.

Written by Rachel Alltmont

Rachel Alltmont

Rachel lives in New Orleans with her husband, Jeff, whose family is deeply rooted in New Orleans. They recently opened Alltmont’s Fine Custom Framing, where she is busy developing a series of family/kids art programs to be held at the shop. Before “retiring” to become a stay-at-home mom to three, Rachel was a Washington D.C. Public Relations rockstar. She is currently obsessed with Pinterest.

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