the “cause” in hogs for the cause.

The musical line-up for the 5th Annual Hogs for the Cause will be announced today and tickets officially go on sale. For those of you who have attended Hogs in the past, you are probably as equally psyched as I am. This year, the fest moves to the new festival grounds at City Park (a.k.a. City “Pork”) and will feature an incredible musical line-up on two stages; 80 teams cookin’ up an insane amount of pig; and lots and lots of beer from NOLA Brewing. Oh yeah, and tickets are only $10 through January. Talk about bang for your buck. Hogs is the best bargain in town.

For many of you, Hogs is a great springtime activity – bring the kids and a blanket, veg out in the park, listen to some great bands and stuff your face with all the pork deliciousness. But do you know what the ’cause’ is behind ‘Hogs for the Cause’?


Each year, when you purchase your ticket and buy your pork and drink lots and lots of beer, you’re helping to support a family who has a child battling pediatric brain cancer. As a member of the Board for Hogs, I’ve been privileged to meet the families that you help support. This week, you helped us give a grant to 3-year old Faith Adams and her family. Isn’t she freakin’ cute? She really likes to draw and was scribbling away in her notebook when I met her the other day at Children’s Hospital. Aside from the emotional roller coaster that is having a child with brain cancer, it can also be a financial roller coaster. That’s where Hogs comes in. We help alleviate some of the financial struggles that come with such a disease. And what a struggle it can be.

So I ask that you please help spread the word, purchase tickets, and support in any way you can for our great cause. And when you’re out at the fest in March enjoying the day, know that you are indeed making a difference. Together we can do something great.

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Written by just jen.

Jen Bond is a NOLA native and professional aunt, having contributed to the successful ongoing rearing of her nephew and three nieces. Jen is a writer, foodie and public relations firecracker. When she’s not globetrotting, you can find her sitting at the bar at her neighborhood restaurant, eating a late dinner and chatting it up with anyone who is lucky enough to run into her. She’s #1 sis-in-law to the founder of this pretty little blog, nolaParent, and has a lot of dirt that she looks forward to spilling right here.

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