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One of my favorite parts of gift-giving is the wrapping. When I was a little girl, I used to stay up late wrapping presents so that our Christmas tree looked like something out of a Martha Stewart magazine. Of course, I had more time on my hands back then. Now that I’m old and tired, I understand why my mother wrapped all of our gifts in butcher paper, scribbling on our names with a magic marker. I can now appreciate the extra care she took in sometimes adding a ribbon so that our gifts looked more gift-like and less here’s-a-slab-of-meat-from-the-butcher-like. As for tape, it didn’t matter much. Could be scotch tape, could be electrical tape. If it was sticky, it was good enough for my mother.

My mother and I are nothing alike. Well, that’s not true at all entirely true but when it comes to the art of gift-wrapping, it is.

I love beautiful paper. Sometimes I am more excited about the beautiful box than I am about what’s in it. I love a pretty ribbon or a whimsical design. Haven’t you ever found yourself not wanting to tear the paper because it was just so beautiful?

Here are some of my favorite designs for my fellow gift-wrapping Ribbonistas. These are all from, a new obsession of mine. But you can find glorious wrapping paper from local shops like National Art & Hobby and Scriptura.

I love this for a child’s gift.


Perfect for a baby shower.

Piggies and Friends

Who doesn’t love a little piggy and friends?



Just pretty. For the gardenista in your life.


These are from National Art & Hobby on Magazine. They have a great selection.

Do you give a lot of thought into your gift-wrapping? So many people I know seem to loathe it. Is there anyone else out there who likes things pretty? or has a clever way of making gift-wrapping a painless process? What are some of your favorite ways to wrap a gift?

Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.

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