Summer Camp, Job and Internship Advertising 2017 is the go-to source for parents of children, tweens and teens in New Orleans.

nolaParent was created in 2007 as a first-person account of trends, inventions and inspirations as they related to parenting in New Orleans and beyond.  As our own children have grown, our audience has changed and we have since become one of the only local parenting sites targeting parents of older children and teens.

For many years has offered one of the most robust summer camp listings in the New Orleans area and we would like your camp to be a part of it again this year!  In addition to summer camps, many of our parents have tween and teenage children who are looking for employment and internships.  If you have summer job and/or internship opportunities, the same advertising opportunities are also available to you.  Please email with any and all information!
A few statistics about us:
  • Email Database
    • 3000+ emails
  • Facebook
    • 5000+ followers
  • Twitter
    • 2000+ followers
  • Instagram
    • 500+ followers
  • Monthly Unique Visitors
    • 1000-3000
  • Monthly Page Views
    • 4000-6000

Advertising and Marketing Opportunities offers a few affordable advertising options for summer camps, jobs and internships.  For more details, please get in touch with Quincy Crawford at 504-952-9139 or

Summer Camp Spotlight – $250

Once a week (Wednesday afternoons) we offer an opportunity for your camp to be featured in a “Camp Spotlight” email.  Send us any specific language, a couple photos, and a 250×250 image for the website ad and we will create an email for your review that will land in more than 3,000 local inboxes on an available Wednesday between now and the beginning of summer.  To see an example from 2016 go here.  To reserve your Wednesday space please email

What Every nolaParent Should Know (WENSK) Opportunities

Twice a week (Monday night and Friday morning) we send an email to 3,000 parents letting them know about 5-6 bullet-pointed news items and/or upcoming events.  To see a sample email go here.  There are three opportunities to mention summer camps, jobs and internships in WENSK:

  • Email Sponsor – $25

At the very bottom of the email is a space for an ad.  Size is flexible but should be approximately 500 x 500.

  • Camp Sponsors – $15

At the bottom of the email, above the email sponsor spot is space for three 175 x 175 ads (we may be able to work with a 250 x 250 ad).  You may request that this ad be run once, a certain number of times, or as often as possible, and we will do our best to fulfill the requests.

  • News/Event/Information Submission – $0

Please email with any important dates – i.e. employment application deadlines, registration dates, open house/information events, promotions, deadlines, etc for possible inclusion in What Every nolaParent Should Know.  One of the bullet-pointed news items may consist of a listing of multiple camp/job dates. Submissions are not guaranteed to be included but we will do our best to accomodate most of them.

Camp Directory – $0

nolaParent’s Business Directory includes a Summer Camp Directory, which is one of the most robust listings around.  Please go to the Summer Camp Directory and create or update your summer camp or Jobs and Internships listings!  A few notes about the Directory:

    • Many of you already have listings that just need updating!  First look to see if your camp is listed by going to Find Listings.  If there is a listing you can either edit it if you are a registered user and/or you can Claim the Listing.
    • If your camp isn’t listed, Click on Submit a Listing.
    • If you are a registered user, enter your username and password.  If you are not a registered user, click on Not Yet Registered to go to the registration page.  Please fill out the form and then click on the activation link, which will come to your email.  (Check spam folder if you don’t get activation email in a timely manner).
    • Once you are a registered user, go back to Submit A Listing or Claim Your Listing to fill out your camp information.
    • Be sure to check all the categories that fit your camp, beginning with Summer Camp, and then clicking each subcategory under Summer Camp i.e. boys camps, girls camps, sports camps, arts camps, etc.  Press and hold Command for Mac and Control for PC to click multiple categories.
    • Include a brief camp summary in the About Us Section.
    • You can include Prices, Dates, After Care Options, Age Requirements, and other details in the Other Section.  Cutting and pasting from existing material may be easiest.
    • Feel free to create multiple listings to fit multiple categories.  For instance you might want to create a listing for your sports camp and a listing for your art camp as opposed to one umbrella camp listing.  Simply create one listing and then go back to Submit a Listing to create more.
    • If you have trouble you can send your information to me at and I will publish the information for you.
Summer Camp/Job Article – $0

We are always looking for experts in various fields to submit articles on topics that would interest our readers.  While this cannot be a blatant plug for your event or organization it can still be a wonderful tool for exposure.  We are happy to brainstorm ideas and can also give you the names of freelance writers if you don’t have time to write the article yourself!  To submit an article, please send it to

Please feel free to pass this information along to other camp contacts – and be sure to sign up for our emails!  If you are a camp contact and would like to get our emails about summer camp opportunities going forward, please email with your contact information and you will be put on our Summer Camp Contact list.
Thank you for all you do to create an amazing summer program for our children, tweens and teens!  Feel free to call or email with your sponsor/partner commitment, for help with the directory, or with any questions or comments!
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