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What Every nolaParent Should Know is an informational email sent to our database of about 3000 subscribers.  It is normally published twice a week on Monday evenings and Friday mornings and includes bullet-pointed tips to links on events, sales, news, classes, school info and more for moms, dads, kids, tweens, teens and families.

For $10 your tip/event/news item can be included.  Submissions are not guaranteed to be included in the email.  Some of the items that are included in the email are not paid submissions but are simply editor’s picks.

Some events/news may be included more than once – i.e. Registration for Spring Classes Begins Tuesday; There’s Still Time to Register for Spring Classes (Wednesday deadline).  If you want to pay for more than one submission please fill out a form for each submission and/or send an email detailing the dates and headlines that you hope to include in order of preference.

Your submitted headlines may be edited.  Invoices are sent around the first and the middle of the month to the contact person.  Please do not send submissions more than one month in advance.

In some cases, more than one organization might be highlighted under one bullet-pointed item i.e. This Week’s School Open Houses include Trinity Episcopal School, Ursuline Academy, Raphael Academy, and Ben Franklin (with links to each school’s information).

Fill in the form below or contact Quincy at or 504-952-9139.

What nolaParents Should Know - News Submission

Give us some information about your event or news tip and we may include it in one of our bi-weekly emails!
  • Give us a brief headline - i.e. Tuesday is last day to Register for XXX; Tickets go on sale Wednesday for XXX; Visit the Children's Area at XXX this weekend; Sale going on at XXX this Thursday through Sunday.
  • Please copy and paste a link to the information about this event or news.
  • Include the date/dates of the event/news and/or the date that you would like to be included in our email. "What nolaParents Should Know" goes out Monday evenings and Friday mornings.
  • Name and Contact info for person in case of questions.
  • Paid entries have a better chance of being included in nolaParent emails. However no entry is guaranteed to be included.
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