The Aries Child (March 21-19)

Happy Spring! With spring comes daylight, warmth, flowers, fresh air and song birds. Spring is about beginnings. Even the zodiac calendar begins on the first day of spring, which makes the Aries (March 21-April 19) the first sign in the zodiac calendar.

My sweet friend and famous psychic / astrologer, Cari Roy, and I decided it would be fun to feature a horoscope every month that focuses on the child. So, if you’re the parent of an Aries, here is some insight into what you have to look forward to this month, as well as some tips for how you can nurture your little Numero Uno. Enjoy!

About the Aries Child

ARIESfinalFearless, creative, confident, and a natural born leader, the Aries child plays best when she gets to lead the group. Otherwise, forget it. If an Aries kid gets challenged on leadership, she will sulk.

As parents, sometimes we feel socially obligated to force our kids to conform contrary to their their natural born strengths (in this case leadership). But when we do this, we take away the very power that will eventually serve them well in the future. Our world needs good leaders, so it’s our job as parents to nurture this strength (and harness it) so that they can become the best leader they can be and bring about positive change in the world. Aries take his role as leader very seriously and feels deeply responsible for the group (or family), so if he’s driving everyone else nuts, give him permission to have some alone time.

More than any other sign, the Aries child does not like being teased and does not like being the butt of a joke. What leader does?

Patience does not come easy to the Aries child because they are born one step ahead of the game (first of all the signs) and already have all the answers. They also bore easily, so it’s important to keep the Aries child challenged. If you want her to do something, tell her she can’t… and she will.

From now until June, your Aries might feel a bit sluggish and a little cranky. This is because their ruling planet (Mars) is in retrograde. They have to work twice as hard to do something simple and being that they are naturally impatient, this will be incredibly frustrating. As parents, it’s important to remind them that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Lesson Plan

Since patience is a key lesson for the Aries right now, use springtime to help him understand the wonderful gifts that patience brings. Plant something with your Aries child so that he can physically see how good things take time to grow and that patience rewards us with a beautiful flower or a delicious fruit. Put him in charge of the planting and watering, of course!

Astrology is a great tool for understanding personal strengths and tendencies that can be nurtured and directed to help our children shine their brightest. To learn more about your little superstar or yourself, visit Cari’s website at

Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.

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