5 must-have household products (& giveaway)

In celebration of the launch of Jessica Alba’s first book, The Honest Life, I thought I’d share my favorite Honest Co., products with you and then give some away so that you can see for yourself!

I love Honest Co. products for probably the same reason any mom would:

  • The company is committed to health and sustainability in all that they do and create.
  • The products are natural, organic and plant-based and the packaging is environmentally sustainable right down to the shipping footprint.
  • Everything in the Honest Co. product line is hypoallergenic, gluten free, 100% natural, vegan, biodegradable and sensitive for infants.
  • No animal testing or by-products are used.
  • Everything is made right here in America.

Queue the heavens…


I’ve been using Honest Co. products since it’s launch last year and I’ve tested almost all of the products in their Family Essentials Bundle (cleaning products, shampoo, lotions, potions).

Here are the top 5 that have become my household staples:

Our Favorite Honest Company Products

I love this multi-surface cleaner. It has three ingredients: water, grapefruit oil and coconut oil. It cleans granite and travertine surfaces beautifully. I use it on everything, including our computer and tv screens.

They recently released a new formula for this Shampoo & Body Wash, which is now much more dense and luxurious. This is what I use to bathe the kids and wash their hair but it’s also my own secret weapon; I wash my own face with it every night and use it with my Clarisonic every morning. No need to buy that expensive, harsh, chemically stuff for your delicate décolletage.

Infused with essential organic lemongrass oil and grapefruit seed botanical extracts, this hand soap is so fresh that even the snobbiest soap connoisseur will want to know where to get some. I have one at every sink. (Also makes good bubbles.)

Despite being fragrance free, the Honest Face & Body Lotion has the most subtle hint of rose, which I love. This is the only body lotion in the entire house. My husband has very dry, sensitive skin and this is what he uses. I promise that no one at the office has ever accused him of smelling pretty. Honest! (wink wink)

I loved the old sunscreen formula but I love the new one even more; It spreads more easily. I do have the spray cans when I’m feeling lazy for quick jobs but other than that, this is the only formula that goes on my people. It’s all my husband and I wore on our faces during Jazz Fest. Long lasting, goes on smooth, no white, zinc-y residue. I wouldn’t put anything else on an infant.

Giveaway: Visit Honest Co. and leave a comment below to enter — I’d love to hear what products you’d like to try. The winner will receive his or her choice of a Diapers & Wipes Bundle or an Essentials Bundle. Winner announced on Monday. Good luck!

Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.


  1. Stephanie Galliano says:

    Sunscreen for sure!

  2. would love to try the essentials bundle

  3. Jennifer K says:

    I am so hoping to try the sunscreen for my family. I have been on the hunt for a great sunscreen and this sounds like the product that my fair skinned family is needing!!! So happy to know about it. Want to try bug spray and cleaners as well.

  4. Ana Lucas says:

    I just started with the essentials bundle and received the shampoo, conditioner, lotion, sunscreen, and laundry pellets. Love the first three items and am looking forward to trying the sunscreen this weekend! I would also like to try the household cleaning items…maybe next month!

  5. I would love to try the Prenatal vitamins, DHA, sunscreen, and bug spray!

  6. We get the diaper and whipe bundle every month and love it. We’ve also tried the bug spray and it’s great. We’d like to try the surface cleaner, the bathroom cleaner, and the kids’ vitamins next.

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