2013 list of camps (download)

Just as you need to get your child on the nursery school wait list in utero, you’ve got to start making summer camp decisions in February/March. When my first daughter came of summer camp age, a wise mom warned me of this and I poo-poo’d her. And as Julia Roberts said to the snobby ladies at that fancy Beverly Hills boutique…

“Big mistake… BIG.”

I scrambled and squeezed her into one of the few camps that took two year olds. Things don’t really get good until age three, so if you’re a parent looking for some fun for your littlest one, might I recommend you make some quick decisions before there’s no more room at the Inn?

Summer Camps

To help you narrow the choices… and there are a lot of them, download the nolaParent 2013 List of Camps using the form below. There is something for everyone. Again, I can’t stress enough how important it is to register for camp early. These places book up so quickly and it is a loooooong summer.

Special Need Summer Camps

For those looking for summer camps for children/youth with special care needs, Families Helping Families of Southeast Louisiana published a list of summer camp resources and The Child Life Department at Children's Hospital New Orleans developed a summer camp, adaptive sports, and accessible recreation resource guide for children with disabilities and chronic illnesses in Louisiana, which also includes national camp programs.

Hope this helps!

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