MakerKrewe: a place for kids to be creative and make things

As the mother to a future engineer/architect/scientist/paleontologist, I am always looking for new opportunities to feed her curiosity in areas that have nothing to do with anything I know anything about.


Anson engineers a machine that “makes her little sister be nice.” It did not work.

Oskie Creech, creator of the Newman summer day camp, recently launched a new project called MakerKrewe, where creative kids Grade 3 and above, gather together in what is called a “makerspace” to work without interruption and solve meaningful, hard problems like how to wire LEDs to motorized cardboard, design a self-powered boat or build a robot.

MakerKrewe is a place for kids to be creative and make things. Learn more or register your Tinker Bells and Sparrows* for one of the Saturday spots. Creech’s plan is to continue offering MakerKrewe gatherings every Saturday (with a few exceptions), and then expand into summer and after school.¬†

After looking at all these inspiring pictures of MakerKrewe kids hard at work, I wonder… WHERE ARE ALL THE GIRLS?

*Clank and Bobble were “tinker sparrow men” and Tinker Bell’s first friends. Yes, I googled “male Tinker Bell.”

Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.

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