Holiday Gift Guide (girls)

Gift ideas for girls

ALEX DUCT TAPE PARTY. It’s all the rage. And I love it. Anson covets/hoards/hides every ring of plain old vanilla masking tape she can get her hands on. I can’t keep it in the house.  Wait until she finds out there’s an entire jewelry line she can design using random jewelry “lying” around the house… with masking tape. Glorious brightly colored, patterned, leopard print,  masking tape. $33 Girls.DuctTapeParty


JAPANESE WASHI TAPE is masking tape. Very, very, pretty masking tape made of natural fibers (think bamboo or bark). I realize the Scrapbooking pros out there will shame me being the last person on earth to know about Japanese Washi Tape. I accept that. A few roles of this in someone’s stocking is an awesome gift. $13 for 5 rolls. Very nice.


Rainbow Loom. You know. I know you know. Since when did fluorescent orthodontic bands become bracelets? This trend recently caught my attention when I overheard a teacher talking about using them as tools in the classroom for for hyper kids. They can “loom” with their hands/fingers and listen with their ears. The body (the distraction) becomes focused/calmed/redirected so the brain can focus. You know, because I’m a cognitive development expert. (Disclaimer: I am not an expert in anything so please refer to Google, like I do, for medical advice.)

Buy this locally or find the one closest to you:

p.s. It says this is a toy for +8. And that does make sense, but it’s good to present kids with things that are considered the “next level.” This way, their brain is a little more challenged. Remember the the “next level” is 100% subjective. p.p.s This seems like a very important counterfeit message/warning that Rainbow Loom feels compelled to report. It certainly doesn’t hurt to take their word for it and it’s even more of a reason to buy locally so you can check things out.

girl.americangirlmannersAmerican Girl: A Smart Guide to Manners. As a parent, this is a real tool for me, and I really think my daughter will enjoy it. I think we’ll enjoy it together. Hopefully it doesn’t have the same effect a gym membership or exercise tape might have.

There is a wonderful collection of books that I’ve heard are really good, including how to take care of your body, feelings, boys, money, the Internet, middle school, parties, babysitting kid, and so much more. A girlfriend of mine told me that her 6yo really enjoys these books and whenever there’s a topic that isn’t relevant, she just skips over it.


Ban.Do Twist Scarf is a wired chiffon or lame scarf that can be tied in a twist, a bow, around your neck, or as a bracelet and they come in 12 beautiful, bright colors! $20

iPhone 4 Case. Attempting to channel my inner teen, here. They also have a 5 and 5s case. $25

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera comes in different colors and produces really high quality instant photos. Super fun! $100

Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.

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