Holiday Gift Guide – For Baby (and baby’s parents)

Gifts for Baby

A baby’s first christmas is special… for the parents. The kid could care less. For Emmeline’s first christmas, she got a soft chicken squeaker and lots of crumpled wrapping paper, bows and boxes. She had such a good time she doesn’t remember a thing. So for the wee-ones, a little something they can hold, squeak, rattle or grow with is always nice.

My favorite local spots for lovely, unique baby gifts are Angelique Kids and ZukaBaby. Angelique carries a lot of the French and German lines that offer such wonderful quality (see #2 and #3 below) and ZukaBaby carries all of the beautiful natural items that help baby learn. Both are on Magazine Street.

giftguide.baby21. Little G Plush Toy. Everyone knows about Little G. Almost seven years later, Little G is still hanging out with Suri Cruise, who made this the “IT” toy of the year. A good investment.  $45

2. Hold Me Tight Mustache Pillow. I’ve been surprised at the attachments my kids have made with various pillows they’ve found along the way. I love this one because it’s something they can hold when they get a little bigger. $52

3. Woodland Finger Puppet Set. Eat a meal with one hand and entertain them with the other. A great activity to play with the baby. Even big sister/brother will enjoy getting giggles. $30

4. Duck. You have to admit, the French really know how to do toys. I love this Moulin Roty ‘Pretty Ugly’ duck. Lots of things to grab and textures to feel. And machine washable. $25

Gifts that Keep on Giving


Little Pnuts is a quarterly subscription box curated with 3-5 high quality, non-toxic, sustainable toys based on your child’s birthdate to help meet milestones for each 3 month phase of development from birth to 6 years. Little Pnuts was launched right here in New Orleans and is taking the toy world by storm. An annual subscription for 4 Special Deliveries a year is $240 or you can pay $25/month. You’ll never need to buy another toy again. Great gift idea for grandparents, aunts and uncles!

Gift for the Baby Daddy


Diaper Dude. Remember those cute runners who would show up at the office with their bad-boy haircuts and too-cool-for-school shades? Who would’ve thought they would inspire a super cool line of diaper bags for hip dads? My husband wore the bejeezus out of his. It actually ended up being my favorite bag because it goes across the body and you can be handsfree. Awe.Some. $60

Keepsake Gifts

A keepsake gift is a special gift that a parent might not otherwise buy for her own child. These gifts are usually on the pricey side, and while they’re not really necessities, they can become cherished heirlooms that can be passed down for generations.

Here are three of our favorite keepsake gifts given to us by close friends and family.


1. Bunny Box. This is the ultimate keepsake gift from Tiffany & Co. But until my children stop destroying everything they touch, I have decided to confiscate the Bunny Box… and use it as a personal jewelry box. No sense letting it collect dust. I have to admit, though, I have considered sharing it for tooth fairy-related events.

2. Lil’ Squirts Memory Book. This is the most precious baby book I’ve ever seen. The books are designed locally by two mom entrepreneurs whom I adore. The book helps you document all the usual milestones, as well as those that only lucky New Orleans baby might experience, like her first Mardi Gras, street car ride, and, of course, evacuation. There also books for the Louisiana Baby, North Louisiana Baby, Bebe Acadien, Gulf Coast Baby, Mobile Baby, and the Atlanta Baby.

3. Animal Cracker China Set. One of my husband’s clients gave this to us for our first born. I have to admit, it seemed so impractical to me. Who feeds her baby out of beautiful fancy china? Turns out, I do. Anson loved eating out of her special bowl and always asked for her “lady cup.” She made me realize that beautiful things are meant to be used and enjoyed. Otherwise, what’s the point? We are all so grateful for this gift.

Gift for the Nursery


Little Darlings. Is there really anything to say here? Who doesn’t love a baby? Sharon Montrose’s animal series is absolutely delightful, and through this series she supports several organizations devoted to animal rescue, educational programs and nurturing wildlife. I would like to ask everyone in our family to purchase one print each so I could create an entire wall of these beautiful babies. Catherine, my little veterinarian, would be in heaven. It was hard to pick just three for this post. Each print is $25. But you can get bigger prints, too. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorrrrr-geous.

baby.giraffemeetsduckiesGiraffe Meets Duckies. This is and 8×10 matted canvas art print. I love canvas. It adds such a warm and natural feel to a room, exactly what you want for baby. $26

Butterfly Butterfly Crib Mobile. I am constantly on the hunt for beautiful mobiles. I don’t know why. But since babies spend so much time on their backs, why not give them something lovely and interesting to look at? It’s also such a beautiful addition to a nursery. Soft, quiet, peaceful. I love these handmade, wool felt mobiles. They can be customized with any color and you can even do birds, stars or pompoms. $45

Do you have a fabulous gift idea for baby? Submit your idea!

Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.

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