fun, food, and crafts for st. patrick’s day!

Holidays are normally reserved for spending time with family and creating traditions and memories that will last forever. St. Patrick’s Day is no different from any other holiday. Although it’s known for excessive green garments and drunk Irish men, it can also be known as a special time shared with the ones you love.
Whether you’re of Irish descent or just a holiday-junkie, St. Patrick’s Day can be an unforgettable experience the whole family can share.

From hanging green decor around the house, making green pancakes, or finding a pot-o-gold hidden in your backyard, having your day filled with fun crafts are great memory-makers.

Here are some fun ways for you and your family to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

1. Begin with the most important meal of the day, a green themed breakfast.
2. Can you catch a leprechaun? Use this trap to find out!
3. Show the leprechauns a bit of southern hospitality with these lucky charms around the house and on your door!
clover garland
4.  Make a healthier version of the shamrock shake.
5. Create a St. Patrick’s day scavenger hunt to search for the leprechaun’s pot-o-gold hidden under a rainbow!

6. If you’re not into Irish cuisine, why not make it a shamrock fiesta?
7.  Use this wand to find a leprechaun and his pot-o-gold!
Haven’t had enough? Check out these green “pinspirations” if you’re looking for more St. Patrick’s Day crafts, fashion, and fun.

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Written by Dominique McConduit

Nola-bred, pre-med grad gone fashion and DIY obsessed. Newly married and childless so, of course, I’m working for a parenting blog.

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