Father’s Day Weekly Roundup

Hello, friends. Are you ready for the weekend? I am looking forward to Father’s Day this Sunday. The girls and I will let dad sleep in and then bring him his coffee, paper and a ham & cheese croissant from La Boulangerie (his fave). Whenever he’s ready, we will head to the pool for a swim. I will handle all sun block application. After a casual family lunch, the girls will go home to rest. I have a babysitter scheduled for the late afternoon so I can treat him to a matinee and early dinner. Just what he wanted.

The only thing missing in today’s special Father’s Day Roundup is a beard.

  • The Lust Issue from Seven Men’s Magazine, a new style and luxury publication for the classic New Orleans gentleman.
  • Flavor-Bomb Burgers and a Grillers Guide (at the end)
  • Still looking for the perfect gift? Check out this Father’s Day pinspiration.
  • Here are 35 DIY Father’s Day gift ideas. My favorite is this Father’s Day Pencil Holder.
  • The Ultimate ‘Offfice’ Blooper Video. Warning: you will laugh loudly. Shut the office door.
  • David Beckham’s emotional Paris goodbye to 20 years of football (well, maybe this one’s for the ladies, too)
  • The 5 Coolest Car Stunts of the Last 5 Years
  • Aston Martin to celebrate 100 years with this
  • Graphic Designer Dad Illustrates His Kids’ Lunch Bags Almost Every Day Since 2008
  • Menswear Named After Real Men: 10 Jackets, Shirts and Hats with Surprising Etymologies
  • Very Stylish (Men’s) Fashion Illustrations from the 1920s

See you next week!

Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.

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