Expand Your Families Perspectives by Hosting an International Student


Sitting down to enjoy meals as a family more frequently. Exploring your city and learning about it’s history. Learning and making new memories together. Experiencing a new culture and seeing American culture through new eyes. These are just some of ways our host families have described hosting an international student.

The cultural benefits that come with hosting are very valuable for you and your family. In addition to just learning about other cultures at school or in a textbook, your children can learn first hand the differences and similarities of other cultures. Invite your family to open their minds to new perspectives and experiences. Whether it be tasting foreign food, hearing a different language or learning how teenagers in other countries live.

There’s a specific type of motivation that comes from seeing someone your own age challenging themselves on a personal level. Our students take themselves out of their comfort levels to travel from abroad and study in the U.S. Upon arrival, they are in a completely unfamiliar environment, living with a new family, and learning all their subjects in a foreign language.

Making the decision to open your home to a new family member and a new culture is an experience much like spending a period of time in another country. It’s also something you can do without even having to leave home. Something that sums up the experience for me is this quote, “it’s not about the places you go, it’s about the people you meet along the way.”

Why not create that type of experience for your family?

At gphomestay, we facilitate meaningful cross cultural relationships between international students and warm welcoming American host families. Our biggest concern is that our students be placed with families who will help guide them through their American experience and education. When our students truly become a part of your family than we consider our efforts successful.

To learn more about hosting an international student attending one of our partner schools near you, please contact me.

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