clothes crisis step 1: get a good bra

I live in a perpetual clothes crisis. After being pregnant for what seems like years, the only items that remain in my closet are either too big, too small or totally inappropriate. I have also extended the lifespan of the maternity bra far beyond it’s intended purpose. After lamenting to a girlfriend (again) about the dismal contents of my closet, she looked at me and said, “Look. First things first. THESE need to go UP, UP, UP!”

She’s right. Every woman, especially after having children and getting out of the habit of looking pretty underneath needs at least one, if not two (or three) perfectly fitted, pretty bras.

I haven’t treated myself to quality lingerie in a long time. I just didn’t feel up to it but now that I am 100% finished having babies  (no, I’m not “gonna try for that boy!”) and slowly but surely getting my new, post-baby body back into shape, I’m ready to indulge a little.

At my girlfriend’s insistance, I marched into Basics Underneath at 5513 Magazine Street. I was greeted by perky young things who made me feel like I just walked into a room full of my best girlfriends. These gals know exactly what they’re doing and make the process of standing naked in front of a mirror while they rearrange you, bend you over, jiggle your junk, tuck you in, snap your back, pull you up, pull you down totally worthwhile. I had no idea I’d been wearing the wrong size bra all my life. Apparently, most of us are off by a few sizes.

If you’ve never been professionally fitted or treated yourself to a non-Target bra, I highly recommend it. I am just beginning to build my bra collection (it takes time because it can get pricy) so I started with two basics: the Simone Perele Andora 3D Full Cup (a French t-shirt bra created specifically for the busty lady) and the Simone Perele Velia Strapless Plunge (a versatile must-have). I chose nude for both because it’s summer and I don’t wear as many dark colors in the summer.

After chatting with my new best friends, I found out that Basics also carries and does complimentary fittings for maternity bras, bathing suits and sports bras. Who knew? They can solve any bra dilema you might have. And of course, they have beautiful lingerie, nightgowns, robes and all sorts of pretty things for mama. Follow them on Facebook for updates on new styles, tips and special events.

Anxious to know if your boobs are where they should be? Check out the HerRoom Bra Size Calculator.

Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.

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