Chelsea Clinton offers advice to parents on how to help kids get informed, get inspired and get going!

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nolaParent recently attended Chelsea Clinton’s book promotion event at Lusher Middle School and had the opportunity to ask her a question following her presentation.

Her new book – and her first – It’s Your World:  Get Informed, Get Inspired, Get Going — is targeted to 10-14 year olds and encourages them to make a difference in issues they care about.

So we wondered if she had any advice to parents on how they can encourage their children to get informed, get inspired and get going – and she had the following wise words:

Ask kids what they care about.  “Sometimes people ask me what kids should care about.  We should ask kids what they care about.  Kids will tell you what they care about.”

Help them stay the course.  “It’s our responsibility as adults, as parents, teachers, ministers, as people who are in trusted positions with kids, to help them figure out how to translate their passions into real actions.  You also have to help them assess if what they are doing is having the impact they want.”

The important thing is that they do something.  “Don’t always feel pressure to do something new.  If what you’re doing is working then keep doing it.  If you see something else working in an area you care about and you know it’s effective then it is more likely to have the impact you want if you join that then if you start your own thing.”



Written by Quincy Crawford

Quincy Crawford

Quincy Crawford lives in Uptown New Orleans with her two sons (ages 10 and 8) and her golf pro husband.


  1. […] I am definitely going to buy the book.  I’m going to give it to my 10-year-old to read and then I’m going to read it too.  I will also try to heed the advice she gave on what parents can do to help encourage kids to take action and get involved (that story here.)! […]

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