Expand Your Families Perspectives by Hosting an International Student


Sitting down to enjoy meals as a family more frequently. Exploring your city and learning about it’s history. Learning and making new memories together. Experiencing a new culture and seeing American culture through new eyes. These are just some of ways our host families have described hosting an international student.

The cultural benefits that come with hosting are very valuable for you and your family. In addition to just learning about other cultures at school or in a textbook, your children can learn first hand the differences and similarities of other cultures. Invite your family to open their minds to new perspectives and experiences. Whether it be tasting foreign food, hearing a different language or learning how teenagers in other countries live.

There’s a specific type of motivation that comes from seeing someone your own age challenging themselves on a personal level. Our students take themselves out of their comfort levels to travel from abroad and study in the U.S. Upon arrival, they are in a completely unfamiliar environment, living with a new family, and learning all their subjects in a foreign language.

Making the decision to open your home to a new family member and a new culture is an experience much like spending a period of time in another country. It’s also something you can do without even having to leave home. Something that sums up the experience for me is this quote, “it’s not about the places you go, it’s about the people you meet along the way.”

Why not create that type of experience for your family?

At gphomestay, we facilitate meaningful cross cultural relationships between international students and warm welcoming American host families. Our biggest concern is that our students be placed with families who will help guide them through their American experience and education. When our students truly become a part of your family than we consider our efforts successful.

To learn more about hosting an international student attending one of our partner schools near you, please contact me.

Amber Perry




Halloween is a good time to remember children’s oral health!

6QyxOnpF42jhGQvUwxfOKSLirJ9tABOHRhwbNToYOv0Halloween is right around the corner and according to CNN more than $2 billion will be spent on candy for nearly 42.1 million trick-or-treaters ages 5-14. So it’s a good time to consider the impact of candy consumption on children’s oral health!

Sugar does indeed cause cavities and cavities, in addition to causing pain and dental care costs, also cause missed school days, difficulty concentrating, and embarrassment. All good reasons to make your child’s oral health a top priority!

As a pediatric dentist I am acutely aware of how much damage candy can do to teeth but as a parent I also know that it’s nearly impossible to keep it completely away from my children, especially during holidays like Halloween.

So here are my tips on Halloween and oral health care:

  • Some candy is worse for teeth than others. Sticky, gooey candy like gummy worms and caramels can get lodged in the crevices of your teeth where bacteria have more time to feed on them. If you’re going to let your kids eat sweets, stick with chocolate, which is more easily washed and/or brushed away. And definitely stay away from anything labeled “Sour.” The high acidity of these fruity/sour candies can weaken and wear away tooth enamel, which is essential to healthy teeth.
  • Let them eat Halloween candy but only for a day or two. I let my own kids keep their Halloween candy for 24 hours and then I take it away. It’s the exposure to sugar on a regular basis over an extended period of time that is bad for teeth.
  • Get them to brush and monitor their brushing. The American Dental Association suggests that children brush their teeth two times a day, twice a day but parents should require more brushing and flossing when they know their children are eating candy and other snacks that might stay on teeth. It’s not enough to just tell them to brush. One of the biggest culprits of tooth decay is bad brushing so parents should brush their children’s teeth until age 8 to be sure they are doing a thorough job.
  • Hand out a non-candy treat. As a dentist I would love to see parents give out toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss at Halloween! But the truth is that there are many non-sweet treats that can bring more joy than a quick sugar high. Small toys, popcorn, fruit, money, bubbles, stickers, erasers and more make great Halloween treats.

Have a Happy Halloween! Don’t forget to brush and don’t forget to see your dentist for an annual exam.

Chelsea Clinton offers advice to parents on how to help kids get informed, get inspired and get going!

TP photo 2

Photo from the Times-Picayune

nolaParent recently attended Chelsea Clinton’s book promotion event at Lusher Middle School and had the opportunity to ask her a question following her presentation.

Her new book – and her first – It’s Your World:  Get Informed, Get Inspired, Get Going — is targeted to 10-14 year olds and encourages them to make a difference in issues they care about.

So we wondered if she had any advice to parents on how they can encourage their children to get informed, get inspired and get going – and she had the following wise words:

Ask kids what they care about.  “Sometimes people ask me what kids should care about.  We should ask kids what they care about.  Kids will tell you what they care about.”

Help them stay the course.  “It’s our responsibility as adults, as parents, teachers, ministers, as people who are in trusted positions with kids, to help them figure out how to translate their passions into real actions.  You also have to help them assess if what they are doing is having the impact they want.”

The important thing is that they do something.  “Don’t always feel pressure to do something new.  If what you’re doing is working then keep doing it.  If you see something else working in an area you care about and you know it’s effective then it is more likely to have the impact you want if you join that then if you start your own thing.”



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