a perfect lady gift.

The weather was beautiful this past weekend. Fall is definitely in the air. I attended this super-cool-thing-a-ling Friday night for Naked Records. It’s always fun to hang out with friends of the artsy-fartsy variety.

Art for Art Sake was also this weekend – one of my faves. I love to float in and out of all the shops, galleries and chocolatiers that I never get to visit in the daylight. Everyone is out celebrating art, music, life–everything that makes our city so rich and textured. People are dressed casually pretty or casually dapper.

Magazine Street is one of the most beautiful streets to walk along in the evening time when all the shops are lit up, doors open. These gems are so warm and inviting with their lovely things all aglow. I wish the shopkeepers would all pick one night a week to stay open late. I like the slow dance that happens in neighborhoods where shops are open in the evenings.

Last year I discovered jewelry designer, Marion Cage. I even made out with a pendent from her Alphabet Collection – something that has become a signature piece in my very understated accessory regime.

I love her Chinese Zodiac collection as well–such a lovely gift for a new mother to wear around her neck. I’ve seen a lot of women sporting a cluster of signs, each representing a child. Here’s what my brood would look like around my neck:

Anson (5)

Catherine Read (2)

Emmeline (1)

It is also such a treat to visit the art galleries Uptown that don’t get the attention those on Julia Row or Royal Street enjoy.

Art for Art Sake is such a casual, cool, low-key evening where everyone feels good, looks good and celebrates art for the sake of celebrating art.

Did you discover anything new this year? Will you share it?

Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.

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