anthropology gift guide for the kids.

As I strolled around Canal Shops last night while waiting for my 7:25pm showing of Life of Pi (amazing), I was drawn into the charming, whimsical, artsy, textile world of the siren that is Anthropology. I always forget how much I love this shop. And I always forget what wonderful gifts it proffers.

My thrifty eye found some delightful little children’s gifts that insisted they come home with me. Here are a few of my faves. Plastic and primary colors not included.

Doodles at Lunch ($11)
I love this art pad, which offers step-by-step, line-by-line instructions for how to turn an R into a Robot, an F into a Fox or an L into a Lion. Very clever and very fun. Meal not even necessary.

Poisson Un, Poisson Deux ($13)
Dr. Seuss au français, s’il vous plaît?

Big Words Flashcards ($14)
A lovely stocking stuffer or hanukah gift for the precocious child.

Around the World Puzzle ($15)
I know a lot of Kindergartners learning about different countries and cultures. Children around the world holding hands. It’s just good on so many levels.

Q&A A Day for Kids: A Three Year Journal ($17)
A journal for the kids, a time capsule for you.

Apron ($24)
Baking is what we do together. My daughter covets my apron and it’s time she had her own. A perfect complement to the Easy Bake Oven her grandfather is giving her {shhhhh…}.

Alphabet & Numbers Wooden Stamp Collection ($32)
Endless delight for every age. Great “for the whole family” gift.

Baby’s Handprint in a Tin ($38)
I wish someone had given this to me with each of my babies. Something a new mom doesn’t think about but a timeless treasure.

Alphabet Wagon ($58)
Yes, you can get wooden blocks much cheaper but these are so pretty and fitting all the blocks in the wagon is part of the fun. A good investment for the whole lot. This designer, Uncle Goose, has a beautiful collection of blocks, ranging from nursery rhymes to foreign language to special needs like braille and sign language!

Chalkboard Laptop ($68)
A low-tech toy for a high-tech world. Absolutely beautiful. This is her “big gift” and we Santa will add a box of colored chalk to her stocking.

What’s on your holiday shopping list this year? Have you found any unique gifts or thrifty finds?

Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.

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