An audio portrait of new orleans twenty-twelve.

I had all the best conversations tonight.

I attended the opening reception introducing the pop-up Never Records Art Installation hosted by Jonathan Ferrara at his old gallery at 841 Carondelet.

I so love Art for Art Sake. And I love how the New Orleans art scene is so very multi-dimensional.

Never Records is an idea come to life by New York starving artist/musician/visionary, Ted Riederer. He’s also exhibited this concept in Dublin, London and the old Tower Records in NYC (it’s birthplace). The joy Ted felt opening up this installation tonight was contagious. It was art experienced in a very new way. People loved it. I loved it. And I can’t wait to go back with my six year old daughter. It’s too good to keep from her.

Over the next four weeks, artists of any sort (writers, poets, musicians, singers, songwriters, moonlighters and daydreamers) are invited to record a three-hour live session. Two vinyl records are cut–one for the artist and one for the installation. The exhibit is curated in real time.

Luke Winslow King performed and recorded the first live set (brilliant), which will retire to the archives, along with all the others, at the end of the exhibit’s four-week run. The New Orleans Never Records Installation becomes an audio portrait of New Orleans twenty-twelve and homage to the lost art of the record store.


I had all the best conversations tonight.

Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

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