Impress with local designer Alexa Pulitzer’s Kids Collection

Parenting leads to innovation. As an executive turned stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur, one of my favorite things to do is celebrate the successes of other parents. You, dear reader, will be introduced to some beautiful products, ideas, solutions, and innovations born of other nolaParents.

Alexa Pulitzer is not only a dear friend but an incredibly talented designer of custom stationary and invitations. You see her designs everywhere in New Orleans; her paper collections displayed front and center at almost every stationer here in the city. What New Orleanian doesn’t recognize her signature King Gator – an esteemed member of her Royal Court collection, an ode to New Orleans’ theatricality?

Alexa’s design aesthetic is defined as Old World Sophistication, a style that, in my opinion, also defines her as a person. She’s one of the most gracious hostesses on the planet, a consummate brand ambassador to the City of New Orleans. It’s not surprising Alexa has been tapped to design proprietary collections for the likes of Anthropology, Bergdorf Goodman, Tory Burch, BHLDN, Mignon Faget and Rejuvination.

Some of my favorite pieces hail from her Kids Notes and Custom Kids Collections. You can go big or you can go small but you can never go wrong. A few of my favorites.

Impress yourself with a clever school Permission Slip notepad. I can’t wait for our first after-school playdate.

Don’t we all wish we could just go back to the little red tricycle? Ah, nostalgia. A simple, no-fuss notecard.

For the gentle man in your life. Custom stationary and calling card collection. Such a playful use of animals.

Happy Birthday gift card. A must-have.

Do you have a favorite local designer or stationer? Tell us about it here.

Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.


  1. Alexa’s lines have long impressed everyone I have ever shown or given one of my cards too… they are GREAT teacher gifts too! :

  2. Love AP…and didn’t know about the kids collection! Coolio.

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