A new parent’s leap of faith

Eyes tightly closed, a smile crosses your face, the anticipation in the air is palpable as you let go of your security and plunge head first into the unknown. I like to refer to this as a leap of faith.  Although the unknown can be intimidating, it can also be exhilarating.

The first time I thought I saw it was watching my one-year-old daughter, Lily, as she attempted her first steps.  I quietly watched her from the sidelines, feeling so proud of her. I was also hoping that she would open her eyes to see how far she had already gone and the obstacles of toys scattered around seemingly there to cause her to stumble. As a parent, this was new to me but Lily’s leap of faith felt familiar. Then it hit me. The look on Lily’s face as she was blindly navigating this new world was the same look my husband and I had when we left the hospital to take our newborn daughter home–a beaming smile paired with nervous anticipation as we jumped into the unknown life of parenthood.

So ultimately my daughter and I were both taking this thrilling leap into the unknown, a new adventure.  Neither of us questioned our leap, because when we landed, we were embraced with a sense of fulfillment, pride and love. Her leap landed her in the arms of her proud mommy.  Mine left me in a place that has made me truly happy as Lily’s mom.


Pregnancy and parenthood can be a time of nervous anticipation. I receive countless questions/comments/concerns from expecting and new parents who are still holding tight their security.  My advice is to let go and take the leap of faith because ultimately whether the nursery is as vintage chic as you pictured, your baby shower is as beautiful as you imagined, or you get that trendy stroller you had your heart set on, the leap is one that will be treasured and remembered for a lifetime.

Written by Brittany McBride

Brittany McBride

Brittany McBride is a native New Orleanian who is proud to be a wife, mother to her phenomenal one year old, and entrepreneur. She is passionate about educating in the field of childbirth, and looks forward to any lively discussion about the topic. As a former member of the Public Health community her focus was on adolescent sex education and pregnancy prevention, but after experiencing a difficult delivery/recovery her focus in life became about celebrating pregnancy, birth and subsequently life. As a result Brittany started her own business, New Orleans’s premier maternity concierge.


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