a french quarter stroll with a new orleans baby

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just can’t get anything done because sick people are rotating through your house, the babysitters are all on Spring Break and your brain isn’t functioning properly?

This has been my week. I have fought it tirelessly and I am now tired. So today I decided to relinquish control of what I had no control over anyway, step outside and spend the morning with my poor, neglected third child. We hung out. No plans… just casually strolled the neighborhood, chased birds, shared a muffin, soaked up some Vitamin D.

Out of the blue, I get a call from an old friend. She was killing time in the French Quarter before catching a plane back home. I scooped up my little nugget to meet my friend at Jackson Square–one of the city’s hidden treasures for moms with little nuggets. We sat in the park, chased more birds, made new friends. It is such a great spot with lots of freedom to move but enough containment to keep a mother’s nerves at bay.

I forget how wonderful a French Quarter stroll with a baby can be. I’m on #3 now, so I spend most of my time trying to get away from kids. But this used to be a regular stop on the mommy-circuit. We’d hit the Aquarium, picnic along the river, visit the carriage horses, flirt with the artists along Jackson Square. We’d rendezvous with friends for beignets at Cafe du Monde and chat with the sculpture people.

We’d listen to the music.


Oh, the music. How lucky we are that we can step outside and get a warm hug of music any day of the week.

I forget how wonderful a French Quarter stroll with a baby can be.

Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.


  1. Great article. Glad you got some time out in the city with #3!

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