8 New Orleans Home Organizers and Personal/Professional Assistants

Playroom driving you nuts? Is your home office just a storage room for papers and used ink cartridges? Wearing those jeans again because you can’t walk into your closet? Do you start over all the time because you don’t know where to start?

Sorry if I’m projecting.

Just in case your MANY qualities do not include cleaning, efficient filing or general organization, here are 8 awesome New Orleans Home Organizers and Personal/Professional Assistants that can help you get you off to a nice, clean, clutter-free start, no matter what your chaotic circumstances are.

1. The Amandas: Organizing and closets

  • closets
  • garage
  • kitchen
  • office
  • space design
  • products

Note: They’re like, famous. And super pretty. Totally HGTV.

2. Clutter Clearer

  • eliminate clutter
  • closet and room organization
  • moving assistance: packing and unpacking
  • business place organization: filing, organizing and eliminating clutter in work space environment
  • organization of memorabilia

Note: They have the BEST Facebook page with awesome inspiration, tips and tools. Definitely a page to follow.

3. Consider it Done in Nola

  • errands: grocery and drug store shopping, retail returns/exchanges, package delivering/receiving, dry cleaning pick up/ drop off, any errand you need done.
  • birthday parties
  • post office pick up and deliveries
  • emergency/last minute help
  • errands or company for aging family members

Note: Three words: Tuesday Target Run… Follow them on Facebook. They can help you with things you don’t even know you need help with.

4. Cynthia M. Dubois, Professional Organizer

  • general home organization and clutter elimination
  • assistance in disaster preparedness and disaster recovery
  • help with compulsive hoarding
  • general home office/business organization and clutter elimination

5. The Occasional Wife

  • organization of any room in the house
  • eliminate clutter
  • holiday decorating and un-decorating; arranging for special events
  • personal shopping; running errands
  • overseeing home projects; preparing a home fore renovations/home projects
  • moving services/ relocation assistance
  • preparing a home for a newborn; childproofing a home
  • estate sales; staging/preparing a home to sell on the real estate market

Note: These ladies are brilliant, funny and they’ve got a real good thing going. They are branching out nationally, which is awesome. They’re in NOLA, Baton Rouge, Los Angeles and Atlanta!

6. Organize Dat: Re-Organizing NOLA One Room at a Time

  • eliminate clutter
  • general organization
  • space planning
  • set-up home or small office
  • creating and maintaining electronic or paper filing system
  • computer setup and installation
  • data entry; bookkeeping; quickbooks setup and entry
  • flyer design/photoshop
  • personal shopping

Note: I love that she offers photoshop design work and computer and bookkeeping support. Very cool.

7. Organized Impressions

  • office organization: desktop purging, paper management and paper filing system
  • home organization
  • life events: moving, baby/childproofing
  • space planning

8. Virginia Barkley

Is an author, speaker, trainer & life coach, committed to helping her family, friends, and fans live more abundantly with less of the stuff that clutters homes and cramps lifestyles.

Note: She’s a true life coach. Big leagues. And totally approachable. I wrote about her here.

Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.

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