56th Annual GRAMMY Awards: Best Children’s Album

Anyone else hit YouTube this morning to check out some of the Grammy winners? I was really taken by Lorde’s performance of Royals, which took best song of the year. I kinda love her. What’s the deal with her black fingers? Is that, like, a thing now? God I’m old. I thought Taylor Swift’s performance was great as well, with the exception of the head jerks and the ten second evil eye she gave the camera/her ex-boyfriend after her performance. A bit indulgent.

Despite the 31/2 hour show, only ten award recipients actually made it to the big screen. One category that is probably near and dear to many of our hearts is that of Best Children’s Album, where jazz musician, Jennifer Gasoi, became the first Canadian to ever win a Grammy for best children’s album for Throw a Penny in the Wishing Well, which contains songs in styles like swing, blue-grass, doo wop, gospel, klezmer, cajun and calypso. I just listened to the entire album and it is Awww-some! And, the cover is absolutely adorable. It was hard to find just one favorite but if I had to pick one (or two or three), these would be my choices:

1. I’m a Bubble for a fun, happy, giggly song we could all sing together;

2. Buttercup for a sweet, bedtime lullaby; and

3. Les Étoiles Dansent (The Stars Dance), another lovely lullaby en français.

You can preview and download all of her songs here: http://www.jennifergasoi.com/store/

Screenshot 2014-01-27 14.27.49

And the other nominees for Best Children’s Album are…

Folks-y (hey all you John Denver fans!)


Science-y (for the fans of educational music)


Comical and Creative-y


Inspiring (for kids in the hospital)


Happy listening! xxoo

Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.

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