5 Tips For A Great Gender Reveal

Gender reveals have become an exciting new way to celebrate your pregnancy in addition to a baby shower. I for one love this new craze! So, what is a gender reveal?

A gender reveal is an opportunity for expecting parents to share the gender of their baby with family and friends in a creative way. This could be done at a party, a photo announcement, or both! Here are 5 tips on how to host a memorable gender reveal party.


Hire a photographer – Your event is going to fly by but pictures will last you a lifetime. If a photographer is not in the budget, ask a close friend with a nice camera to take some shots for you (what a great gift!). Just make sure to get yourself (and your bump) in front of the camera and smile. Trust me, after the baby comes most of your time will be spent behind the camera so for now, take part in the fun. You can also use your pictures for announcing the gender to family and friends unable to attend your event. This way, everyone can have fun finding out whether it will be bows or bow ties.

thinkoutsidecake2Think outside of the cake – Pink and blue inside a beautiful cake is not the only concept for a gender announcement. Try incorporating elements that are special to you and your significant other, your relationship, hobbies, or things that just make you smile. That way the reveal has a personal touch. If you are an artist, plan something with paint. If you’re a writer, use your gift of storytelling. If you love to dance, plan a flash mob to make the reveal! There are only two outcomes to the reveal, but there are an unlimited number of ways to tell everyone.

leteveryoneplay3Let everyone play – Gender reveals have given birth, haha, to a whole new set of games. Games are great because the odds of winning are high (50/50). Instead of making everyone wait around for you to make the big announcement, let your guests participate in this exciting event. Create Pink or Blue teams and have them pick their team based on their answers to some of  the gender-based on old wives tales about pregnancy (what your cravings are, how you carry, etc.). Award the winning team with a fun gift, like a free pass on diaper duty or a small version of something you’ve been craving.

keepitsimple4Stressed? scale back – This is a fun way to share the news but it is not a necessity. If you find yourself getting stressed out planning the best gender reveal of the century, just scale back. The whole point is to fun and reveal to those you love the most whether you are having a girl or a boy. It is perfectly fine to keep it simple.

surpriseyourself5Surprise yourself – When you go in for your ultrasound, ask the technician to write the gender of the baby on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. Give the envelope to a trustworthy friend, family member or party planner who can help you plan your gender reveal. Then sit back and enjoy the surprise. Another reason to be sure you have a photographer (see Tip #1).

Revealing your baby’s gender is a fun experience for everyone, but the best part has yet to come!

Have you ever attended a gender reveal party? Did you have one yourself? What made it a success?

Written by Brittany McBride

Brittany McBride

Brittany McBride is a native New Orleanian who is proud to be a wife, mother to her phenomenal one year old, and entrepreneur. She is passionate about educating in the field of childbirth, and looks forward to any lively discussion about the topic. As a former member of the Public Health community her focus was on adolescent sex education and pregnancy prevention, but after experiencing a difficult delivery/recovery her focus in life became about celebrating pregnancy, birth and subsequently life. As a result Brittany started her own business, New Orleans’s premier maternity concierge.

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