5 reasons every mom should have a moms group

Being a new mom is an adjustment. I knew it would be – but wow – life changes quickly. I recently started the ‘Uptown Mama Fit and Kid Play Group’ and already I am so amazed at the benefits of being part of a moms group.

1. Gets you out of the house!

Every day I make a mental plan to go for a long walk with my daughter, Lucy, but the days just slip by. There’s always something that needs to get done. Before I know it, the sun is blazing and it’s just too hot to go outside. Staying in can be great sometimes, but it’s important to get some fresh air and see the world – for mom and baby!


2. You are not alone

Even if you do happen to have a great support system, being a new mom can feel pretty isolating. Every new mom needs comrades who are also in the trenches and haven’t slept more than three consecutive hours in the past four weeks. Misery loves company, as they say, and being part of a moms group helps you feel connected and supported by those going through similar things at the same time.


3. Turns that frown upside-down!

Stepping outside can calm a baby so fast that it’s like flipping a switch. Babies love to be outside. It soothes them, helps them relax and can even help them sleep! I have noticed that on days we spend time outside, Lucy sleeps longer and more soundly, which means she’s in a better mood when she’s awake.

4. Babies love babies. Kids love kids.

Kids are sponges and are constantly learning. Lucy loves interacting with Mom and Dad, but when I put her in front of another baby, she becomes completely transfixed by new faces, voices, and movements. This learning environment gives babies an opportunity to observe new behaviors and explore their own.


5. Be a good example.

In today’s social media world, it’s easy to keep up with ‘friends’ without actually leaving the house, but it’s important for children to see their parents be social and develop new relationships. It’s also good for children to see their parents enjoy the outdoors and be active in the world.


Being connected to other moms and kids makes the road ahead easier and sweeter. If you’re interested in joining a new moms group, the Uptown Mama Fit & Kid Play Group would love to have you!

Written by Mary Nilges

Mary Nilges

I am the organizer of the ‘Mama Fit and Kid Play Group’. We meet at Audubon Park twice in the morning and once in the week in the evening for walks. We also do baby incorporated yoga and hope to get some weekend whole family activities soon. I am originally from Chicago. I went to Northern Illinois University, where I met my future husband. After college we moved to New York where I worked in research for a biotech company. We moved to New Orleans two years ago for my husband’s graduate program. I am staying at home with my wonderful daughter Lucy who was born this June.

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