11 tips for fathers this Mother’s Day

As you probably did not realize, Sunday is Mother’s Day. Because you have not given this any thought, I thought I would offer some tips and ideas for how to handle the day.

1. Mother’s Day is a day to show your mother how much you appreciate her, love her and acknowledge her for all the wonderful things she’s done for you. Show her just how much you care by taking the time to buy her the gift yourself.

2. Please do not ask me on Saturday: “So… what would you like to do for Mother’s Day?”

3. I know our children are little and probably cannot organize Mother’s Day themselves. Please help them.

4. I know what grocery store flowers look like.

5. I do not accept homemade Coupon Books… from adult men.

6. A spa gift certificate is a cruel way of reminding me that I have no time to go to the spa.

7. I eat plenty of chocolate already. Trust me.

8. Please do not cook dinner for me, destroy my nice clean kitchen and then leave the mess for “later.”

9. Small children, afternoon brunches and fancy china do not make for an enjoyable day.

10. We don’t really have the same taste in shoes, jewelry or perfume.

11. Please do not give me anything that implies labor (this includes lingerie). What I “need” is very different from what I “want.”

Written by Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Founder of parenting blog, entrepreneur, underestimated disorganized overachiever.


  1. A banner in a health foods supermarket says that I’m supposed to want breakfast in bed. Does anybody else shudder at the mere thought of it?

  2. Gionne says:

    Yep. I have experienced most of these. The gift made at school is a zinger!

  3. Sadly, that one came from personal experience.

  4. The one about coupon books made me laugh out loud! Also? What the kids “create” at school does not in fact get you off the hook!

  5. hahaha! Love this! Did you see my post at the moms blog yesterday? I pretty much wrote out that all we want is time to ourselves. Please!!! 🙂

  6. ashley says:

    Might want to change “husbands” to “fathers”. Not trying to be overly PC, but it’s 2013.

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